Heartly welcome!

This is the personal website of Frank Scheffler, a German thirty-something hybrid of a digital enthusiast, historian and liberal mind. This site is meant to make you familiar with my professional and academic background. It also provides you with brief insights to my strongest beliefs, passions and thinking.

What I did

There have been several steps in my academic and professional life that lead me where I stand today and made me who I am. This section will give you concise information about my experiences, skills and selected projects I realized so far. If you like to know more or need some details, let me know and I will be glad to tell you about.

What I think

My doing and thinking is influenced by certain convictions and beliefs. To call it creed may be too much, but let me try to sketch it for you. My personality put in a nutshell. Hopefully, this will make you get a broad understanding of who I am and how I work. The right set of skills is not enough today. It needs to be a social fit as well.

What I love

I do not believe in the concept of a work-life-balance. Because it sounds too mutual exclusive. To me, a truely successful life is always a blend of a happy and strong family, a fulfilling and spurring job and many passionate activities. All these things enrich my life and provide me with new energy, inspiration and all the happiness I need.

Goals and Challenges

New Job

After some great years at DI UNTERNEHMER, I decided to take the chance for a new professional challenge. Therefore, I followed the invitation to join the DB Systel GmbH, which is in charge of the IT services and logistics of Deutsche Bahn. Mobility and infrastructure are some of the most important issues of the 21st century and I am looking forward to help improving them.

Pushing my frontiers

I am glad to say, that I always found ways that fostered my skills and personality. No matter what my occupation was, I learned a lot from it and the people I worked with. Over the years I gained many experiences I do not want to miss. With open eyes, a hungry heart and passionate mind, every new opportunity is welcome to go further down this amazing road.

Learn to play the guitar

During my school days, I already had some classic guitar lessons. That is pretty long ago and since then I have had the wish to pick it up again.

Go and see the world

There are so many places to see, people to meet and experiences to make that a single life can't be enough. Nevertheless, I wanna try to cover as much spots on this beautiful planet as possible.

Sorting out my Life

To have so many changes in life is truely a great opportunity. As we plan to have a smart move abroad some time, we want to reduce the load to carry with us. Everything it put to test, whether we still need it anymore. Most of us have too many useless stuff around. That is a burden and a waste. We want to get rid of both and have tried to simplify our lives for a while already. Time for a lean start up.

Lära mig svenska

We love Scandinavia with all its culture, nature and whole way of living. Nothing is better to dive into it than learning to speak like the people living there. Hence we started to learn Swedish and really enjoy this beautiful language.

Moving abroad

To go and live abroad is doubtless a great experience to change your perceptions. I experienced it briefly when staying in the US for a couple of months during my studies. We dream of leaving Germany for a while (or maybe for good) someday.

Going to space

It somehow both exites and afraids me. Going to space and leave this beautiful planet for a little while. Prospects are great these days to make this dream come true.